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David Bouza

Director of Photography

310 920-0015

David Bouza (pronounced Boh-za) has over thirty years of experience in the motion picture industry.   He is a southern California native and at an early age, he fell in love with making motion pictures, before entering the world of filmmaking David was working as a stills photographer – several of his pictures were featured in the New York Times - when he decided to take up film studies at Los Angeles City College.  After film school, he worked his way up the ranks from camera assistant to chief lighting technician.   From there he made the leap to Director of Photography.  In the past twenty years, he has photographed features, short films, documentaries, corporate promos, commercials, and music videos all around the world.    David has worked on a string of highly acclaimed music videos with award winning director Dennis White.   He has also worked with several world-class documentarians including Yoav Potash, whose film “Crime After Crime” was a Sundance Film Festival selection and Sasha Knezev on “American Addict” which was selected for the Toronto Film Festival.  Bouza believes that every new project presents an opportunity to collaborate and learn.

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